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Equip your Inner Coach

Personal, Career, and Leadership Development in an Uncertain Age

Are you intent on increasing your autonomy, competence and connections?

Designed for early and mid-career professionals and for emerging leaders and their mentors and coaches, Equip your Inner Coach offers a sound foundation on all key skills. Treating self-doubts and insecurities as teachers rather than as failures, Part 1 assists you to build on your strengths, define success for yourself, and use your emotions more intelligently. Parts 2 and 3 cover approaching competition and conflicts as learning opportunities, negotiating, navigating organizational politics, and building resilience. Threaded throughout are examples of how women can meet the extra challenges they still face in turning their intellectual capital into career capital.

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Praise for Equip your Inner Coach

“After progressing from secretarial work to the role of vice president, Janet Bickel went on to start a successful business. This leader of prodigious energy has now shaped all she’s learned from her fifty years of professional service into a goldmine of a book that is both edgy and well-documented, both gentle and incisive. The amount of useful wisdom that Janet has packed into these pages will amaze you.”
Sharon Griswold, MD MPH
Professor of Emergency Medicine
Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Director, Global Medical Affairs, Oncology
“Discovering ‘what you want to be when you grow up’ turns out to be a lifelong, often lonely journey with more questions than answers. This book is the perfect combination of a handbook for the journey and a companion that facilitates reaping the benefits of your experiences along the way. What also sets it apart from other resources I’ve encountered is that it emphasizes reflection and situational awareness as key ingredients to finding fulfillment. Each section empowers professionals at all levels to understand the challenges and opportunities in their environment in new ways, such that their decisions are more purposeful and effective.”
Alexandra Suchman
CEO, Barometer XP
“Here is a power-packed book designed as a support for anyone struggling to be successful as well as healthy and fully human. Janet’s enthusiasm around how to build all these skills shines from every chapter, rendering accessible a broad range of thorny subjects.”
Kate Malliarakis, BSN, PhD
Associate Professor, Emerita, George Washington University
School of Nursing, and President, KAM Associates
“Equip Your Inner Coach teaches how befriending ourselves underlies every other professional development skill, including navigating complex organizations. This book is essential reading for professionals seeking to build a sustainable career of meaning and purpose and will be a boon to leaders at all levels. It will be required reading in the leadership courses I teach.”
Niki Steckler, PhD
Professor of Management, Oregon Health &
Sciences University
“All of the breadth and depth of Janet’s knowledge of career-building and leadership are evident in this well-structured and smartly designed book. Moreover, her focus on the extra challenges that women face will equip women to achieve more than they could have without this resource—at the same time as it also educates men to be more effective mentors and leaders.”
Joshua T. Hanson MD
Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Medicine,
Long School of Medicine, UT Health San Antonio
“Janet has been a thought leader for decades on all the skills central to turning intellectual capital into career capital. Her deep thinking inspires the introspection necessary for self-realization and the communication skills key to community-building.”
Kimberly A. Skarupski, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
“Janet Bickel engages readers in navigating the dimly lit stairway of advancement in a way that merges enhanced self-awareness with the skilled management of their complex work worlds. Translating her years of experience as an educator and coach, she has designed a resource useful not only to early- and mid-career professionals but also to emerging leaders and their mentors and coaches. The lessons are designed for everyone but will speak most directly to those who are marginalized by academic and organizational cultures in North America.”
Diane Magrane MD
Academic Leadership Development Consultant,
and Emerita Director, ELAM
“Readers of Equip Your Inner Coach will benefit from Janet Bickel’s extensive and well-conveyed essence of what matters in leadership. This book will impact established leaders as well as many with high potential to guide us into the future. This book also does an exceptional job of reminding us of the challenges still confronting women aspiring to leadership roles.”
Frank Rosinia, MD MHCM ACC
Professor and Chair, Department of Anesthesiology,
Long School of Medicine, UT Health San Antonio
“This book will be of immediate value to many current and budding leaders, especially the chapters on handling conflicts and working with organizational complexities. I will be recommending it widely to junior colleagues as well.”
Annette J. Johnson, MD
Chair of Radiology, Medical College of Georgia,
Augusta University

Read the Introduction and
Chapter on Communicating to Bridge Differences


Part 1: Focusing Inward
PART 2: Focusing Together
PART 3: Focusing Over the Long Haul