Customized Individual Retreats

Do any of these questions resonate with you?

      It's natural for high-achieving professionals at some point to “hit a wall”--whether it be fears about retirement or a bad case of the “inadequacies” or even a wall of achievement (more success than you envisioned but gnawing questions about what it all means). This kind of anxiety or blockage may seem either too amorphous or too deep-seated to even categorize.

      At these junctures, what might serve to enable discoveries and growth? Evidence from many quarters supports setting aside time and space for a retreat (though it might more accurately be called an “advance”), and I am equipped to serve as guide. Together we design a container of quiet, focused space in which you can connect with your own infinitely kind inner teacher and emerge with greater clarity about what you need and about how to stay in conversation with yourself. We would identify a solitary setting and a sequencing of activities likely to be conducive to your needs. Drawing on diverse wisdom traditions, this sequencing could include silence, storytelling, poetry and other arts with meaning for you, as well as activities such as meditation, walking and yoga, and other aides to reflection.

Foci are likely to include:

The intent is that you will emerge with:

Charges: After our initial discussions, I will provide an estimate of my charges which will depend largely on the number of hours devoted to planning, the number of retreat days, and for how much time you choose for me to be present (plus travel expenses).

Note: If desired, this could be created for a small group of 2-4, such that both solitary and group activities would intertwine.