Presentation Topics (continued)

Career Development Workshops/Seminars

  • Fear and Loathing in the Workplace: Maintaining your Focus and Optimism
  • Thinking Like the CEO of Your Own Career: Turning your Intellectual Capital into Career Capital
  • Career Resilience: How to Keep Growing (even when promotion isn’t an option)
  • The Care and Feeding of your Career: Making the Best Use of your Time, Energy and Strengths
  • Obtaining and Managing the Mentoring You Need & Building Your Network
  • Hard Work and Talent Aren't Enough: Developing Political Savvy and Managing Key Relationships
  • Effective Delegation
  • The Art of Giving and Obtaining Feedback
  • Tooting your own Horn without Blowing It: Drawing Attention to Yourself and your Work
  • Strategic Negotiation: Identifying Common Ground and Building Partnerships
  • Moving into Administrative Roles: Opportunities, Pitfalls & Strategies
  • Moving into Administrative Roles: Opportunities, Pitfalls & Strategies
  • Working Through Personality Differences (using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and/or Enneagram)
  • Courage, Creativity and Values: Maximizing your Career Satisfaction and your Leadership Potential
  • The Courage to Lead: Paying Attention to the Inner Dimensions of Leadership
  • Building the Bridge as You Walk on It: Career Management and Leadership Skills for Pioneers

Seminars for Residents/Fellows/Postdocs/Students

  • The “Care and Feeding” of your Career: Turning your Intellectual Capital into Career Capital
  • You Are the CEO of Your Own Career: Frequently Asked Questions and Smart Strategies
  • Landing the Best Job: Interviewing, Finding a Good “Fit,” and Negotiating

Workshops/Seminars for Women

  • Why Don’t Women Speak Up? Strategies for Finding and Using your Voice
  • Show Me a Successful Woman Who Isn’t Considered “Difficult”: Understanding the “Pink Microscope” and Developing a Style that Works
  • “Tempered Radicals”--How to Rock the Boat without Falling Out
  • Breaking through your Personal Glass Ceiling
  • Energy Management and Self-Care for Women who Spread Themselves Too Thin
  • Building Bridges to the Next Generation of Women: How to Inspire, Counsel and Support them without Turning them Off
  • Women Working with and for Women: Turning the Extra Challenges into Strengths

Additional Options

  • Design and facilitation of day or half-day conferences targeted at particular groups of faculty, eg early career, women
  • Design and facilitation of sessions with key subgroups (eg all women full professors) on a critical subject (eg how to improve the development of women faculty).
  • Individual "career coaching" or "speed mentoring" sessions for individuals with particular needs or questions, eg in a new administrative role.
  • Meeting with individual departmental leaders on handling problem faculty