Janet Bickel, M.A.
Leadership and Career Development
Coach and Consultant
7407 Venice St
Falls Church, VA 22043 703/876-0111
Email: Janetbickel@cox.net

“Your work was a ‘grand slam’ for our faculty. You gave our department an enormous boost forward by giving us examples of how to communicate with each other more effectively and then getting us to practice these skills. I'm noticing improvements in how we use our time in meetings, share information and address conflicts.” –Department Chair

“Your coaching has been invaluable to me. You so quickly developed insights into my personality and needs. I can't imagine how I would’ve ventured into these challenging new areas without your help.” –Professor

“Thank you for your expert guidance during my big move up and for helping me hang tough during the long negotiation.” –Department Chair

“The retreat you designed brought our department together around a critical subject we’d been avoiding. Plus you facilitated our learning a great deal from each other.” –Department Chair

“You have no idea how helpful your seminar was for me. Bringing my questions to the forefront unleashed a lot of creativity so that now I can focus on strategies instead of fears." –Associate Professor

“Your course on Leadership and Innovation far exceeded my expectations—for instance, I clearly needed this prod to see how I was 'over-applying' some of my strengths and turning them into liabilities—and as you recommended, i'm dialing those back and asking for feedback.” –Senior Manager

“Having Janet as our lead consultant was an inspired choice as no one knows the issues facing women in medicine and science better than she. In addition, she is a highly experienced facilitator and a brilliant speaker.” –Vice President, Professional Organization