Leadership and Career Development Coaching

      Guided by easily administered diagnostics, my coaching creates a safe exploratory space such that you see your motivations and assumptions with greater clarity and extract more meaningful lessons from your experiences. Coaching provides a framework for increasing your influence with others and within organizations, for taking more risks in the service of your goals, and for expanding the options you consider. You therefore get better at making complex decisions, at managing your time, and at building relationships such that delegations, negotiations and conflicts become opportunities to improve partnerships.

      Coaching can focus specifically on maximizing your success in a new role, navigating a transition, adding power to communications, and leading organizational improvements.

      If it is time to move on, the coaching focuses on: assessing possibilities and opportunities; designing a search and networking strategy; crafting self-presentation documents from which your accomplishments shine; maximizing the impact of your interviewing; negotiating the best package; and accomplishing your transition.

Certificed to administer:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Center for Creative Leadership's Benchmarks and all other multi-rater feedback instruments
  • EQ [Emotional Intelligence] In Relationship profile [Learning-in-Action Technologies, Inc]
  • Also equipped to interpret and apply the Enneagram